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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  May 18, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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>> ross what was it like? >> reporter: it's a pile of dust behind me now. they are tearing down the stage. at one point some estimates say they were 5000 people. that is small for a sanders rally. that the biggest rally we have had in the bay area. and his message was big as well. sanders made it clear he knows the way to san jose. >> we want -- we one our 20th steer take >> reporter: sanders told hundreds the california will seal the deal. >> with your support we will take the entire west coast. >> reporter: they have been lining up ready to roll in since don. with every sales pitch, every angle and every age.
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>> we have been following the elections. >> reporter: this teacher wanted her students to be there. especially claudia whose parents are both undocumented. >> to be able to go to citizenship. we have been learning a lot. >> reporter: and a lot about the diversity in this crowd. packed with older adults. >> i've been waiting for 30 years. >> reporter: african americans and muslims. >> he of united -- he has united a lot of people. >> reporter: he registered more attacks against donald trump. >> candidate will insult our muslim brothers and sisters. >> reporter: but the real contest is with hillary clinton. still 10 points ahead in the polls. but numbers have never slowed sanders down and certainly won't in san jose. >> being hispanic, a woman and gay, this is a person of all. >> he has already won in
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california. >> california is on board for a political revolution. thank you. >> reporter: the crowd clearly loved him. but sanders is going to need that revolution in order to win california. the average in the latest poll shows bernie sanders behind hillary clinton 10 points. >> you probably talked to a lot of supporters who turned out for the rally. what did they find is the most appealing factor? >> reporter: everyone said what they liked most is that he is not establishment. he is not traditional. he is not afraid to go after the big banks. that is what everyone says they love about him. they are willing -- he is willing to say the things people want done without calculating it in political terms. >> thank you ross. now to vallejo where bernie
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sanders is expected to attend the 2nd rally. our live team coverage continues. >> reporter: the gates opened at 4 pm right behind me. you can see, it goes all the way down the waterfront. back toward the vallejo ferry terminal. people have been lined up all day. in the water we have seen a coast guard boat patrolling. there are a lot of police as well. i wanted to take a look, there are so many people who are so excited to be here. if you look through the gates, security is tight. they have these airport type metal detectors that everyone is being asked to go through. they're doing a lot to try and register people to vote. take a look at some video we shot earlier. the line started at 1 pm. the man who said he was 1st in line got here at got here at
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5:30 am. volunteers were in the crowd selling buttons, t-shirts and other campaign gear. other volunteers went around helping people register. there is a lot of excitement. the sanders campaign is hoping for a big win. >> i am excited. i took off work today so hopefully my employer is not watching. >> i'm going to the dnc in philadelphia and i'm going to fight for bernie. >> i'm a middle-class person and i have a couple of kids, being able to afford less and less things, my money is going away. >> reporter: back here live, so many people like the last man said that sanders message has touched them. you can see inside this gated area, this is where they will have the rally. they say they have a capacity
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of 20,000. no telling if they will make that. the sign where you see the future to believe in, that is where he's expected to speak tonight. we understand that coming from san francisco he is going to be getting here. it starts at 7 pm. they say he will probably take the stage at 7:30. we will be here throughout talking to people finding out why they are here. for vallejo it's a very meaningful moment. through everything the city has been through, to have a national candidate come here is a great thing for them to be in the spotlight. >> the thing i cannot get over when you see up rally like this is the passion that the bernie sanders people have. >> reporter: you are right. there is a lot of passion. it's a passionate from so many different types of people. people came from washington and
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oregon to try to help with the california campaign. there are people who are first- time voters, students and older people. all of them say there is something personal he has said that touches them. it has been an interesting experience to come here. >> it starts at 7 pm. we will have full coverage. thank you. while sanders celebrated his oregon victory, hillary clinton chalked up a win in kentucky. sanders when in oregon was his 11th in the last 17 contests. the clinton still reads -- leads. she needs fewer than 100 delegates to clinch the nomination. hillary and bill clinton will be in northern california for separate fundraisers. the former president will be in sacramento. he then heads to san francisco and fremont on tuesday.
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hillary clinton will appear at a private fundraiser on wednesday. it's not known if they will have public appearances when they are in the bay area. today followed -- donald trump released a list of people he would consider for the us supreme court. the group of 8 men and 3 women are all white and under the age of 55. the list is representative of the kind of constitutional principles i value he said. as president he would use it as a guide to nominate our next united states supreme court justice. one of the judges on the list has taken to twitter on the past to make a little fun of donald trump. he is posted a number of thing is. he posted this in march. saying "can't wait till trump rips off his face mission impossible style and reveals a laughing ruth bader ginsburg and drove". he raised a few comments today.
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a reporter asked him about the most dangerous place in the world. he joked, brooklyn, then said there are places in america that are among the most dangerous in the world. you go to places like oakland, or ferguson. a crime numbers are worse. seriously. coming up at 5:30 we will show you how the bear is responding. a meeting with mark zuckerberg and conservative was constructed. anonymous former facebook editors claimed conservative stories never made it can trend -- trending news list because liberal editors push their own agenda. in a post on his personal facebook page zuckerberg said conservatives and republicans have always been an important part of facebook. he wants his team to uphold the integrity of their product. a high school band director is behind bars accused of molesting a student. the 58-year-old was taken into custody this morning.
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investigators say he was a director of the mill high school band from 2008-2009 when the assault occurred. he is charged with more than a dozen counts related to sexual abuse of a minor. he is been booked into the san mateo county jail. a pittsburgh -- pittsburg police officer opened fires. he accidentally shoots 2 of the family members standing behind a screen door. we are in pittsburg talking to the suspects family. >> reporter: officers say police say the officers were unaware the father and brother of the suspect were standing directly behind the front door of this house when they open fired. but regardless, police say the officers feared for their life when the suspect allegedly reached for gun. >> it's a horrible thing. >> reporter: his grandmother needed to see the bullet holes
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for herself. seeing her daughter couldn't believe a violent act could happen to her son and the 2 boys he adopted. >> this is a shock. my sister-in-law is a stay-at- home mom. she takes care of the children. there loving parents. i don't know why this happened. >> reporter: police say the mother called 911 allegedly afraid of her 20-year-old son. >> the initial call came into us through the mother. he was pointing the firearm at his mother and family members. >> reporter: police say when they arrived he was outside the house with a gun in his waistband. >> officers asked him to show them his hands he refused and showed -- grabbed for his weapon. the father and 17-year-old brother were inside the residence behind the security
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gate. you cannot see what is behind her. >> reporter: the father was struck in the torso and the brother in the leg. all 3 are recovering with non- life-threatening injuries. police plan to arrest him for assault with a deadly weapon and suspect he may have been under the influence of drugs. the next-door neighbors say they never suspected anything was wrong. they say he recently received bad news. >> i said what are you doing. i lost my job. >> reporter: they worry what will happen to him after his arrest. police say they are waiting for toxicology reports to see if he was under the influence of drugs. he will be facing terminal charges on weapons and on assault with a deadly weapon against a police officer and his family. a high school football player collapses and dies on an east bay field. coming up, the heartbreaking
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reaction from his teammates. a 2-year-old who has not been seen since february. her mother found dead in a san francisco park. plus warriors fans eagerly await game 2 of the western conference finals. we will take you live to oracle arena. the big cooldown is on the way. how does it impact the weekend?
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now to the western conference finals. warriors against okc. >> they lost game 1 and do want to go down to games before heading to oklahoma city. now courtside at oracle. >>
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>> reporter: it's looking good. you mentioned julie, it's funny with my wife, she is not the biggest sports fan. i say they can't lose tonight and go down to okc. and calmly she says, is okc can win in oakland so can the warriors. >> very wise. >> you don't want to call it a do or die game but they don't want to go down 2-0. >> it's a little bit different 5. -- 5. the arena isn't even full of the time everyone gets here. a different feel. >> one of the. -- things people have been talking about, take a look at some of the foot is -- footage we have of stephen curry warming up. he looks limber.
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one of the staff that jumped out at me, 14 turnovers for the warriors. that is not a huge amount. but 7 emitted by stephen curry. you know he wants to turn that around. >> you heard steve kerr say he doesn't know a more competitive layer than stephen curry. he has the combination of talent, competitive level and work ethic. if he feels like he got outplayed, you can bet that won't happen again. >> overall, you would not call it doom and gloom. they are down 1-0 in the series. >> doom and gloom. it's just one game. our focus has always been sticking with what we do. we have had success doing that. i think if we just relax and breathe we will be fine. >> we have to come out and play
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with the intensity level the we know it takes to win a high- level game. we do that, get things back rolling and we've got to go to okc to win the game. >> one of the things joe and i as grumpy old men always say, the music is way too loud. you know the song, peanut butter/jelly? if you can hear it we can't hear you. >> it's my best style of music. >> the one thing i think is significant, the warriors have to get better production from the defense. if you look at what you are talking about, they didn't get anywhere near the production they got in the past. if they want to get production from the bench and get out to a quick start, establish a tempo, play their game, and once they do take the lead, don't get
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complacent. put the pedal to the metal. if you can find a minute thing to criticize the warriors about, they seem to get a little relaxed when they build up a lead. next thing you know the opposition has cut it down. killer instinct tonight. 2 they get backs of days ago with the ball. >> we should wrap this up so we can listen to the music. i can't help but think of you frank. >> i am no basketball expert. but one thing i noticed in the playoffs is the cleveland cavaliers have stepped up their game. they are dominating in the playoffs. it feels like the warriors aren't dominating like they did in the regular season. it doesn't feel like they have kicked their game a notch for the playoffs. would you agree? >> i would not be able to disagree completely. cleveland cavaliers 9-0 in the season.
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obviously the warriors have had issues with stephen curry being hurt. but there has been talk about maybe they used up a lot of their emotional energy chasing records during the regular season. >> chasing the 73 game record. i think it's good point. they have not been operating at full strength. is stephen curry healthy? maybe that will affect them in the playoffs. he be not. >> i think it is a fair assessment that the best basketball the warriors has played is not in the post season. they will have to kick it up a notch to beat okc. we will have the highlights. game time is in 36 minutes. >> they have not lost 2 in a row all season. we are hoping that's the case tonight. the sharks also in the western conference finals. last night in st. louis san
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jose got the lead for good. just 2 minutes into the game print added to power-play goals of the sharks cruised 4-0 a win over the blues to tie up the series at one game each. game 3 tomorrow night in san jose. today the sharks head coach was asked about the importance of splitting the 1st 2 games on the road. >> it's critical. we have been very good at home through the playoffs and we're comfortable. we said it after the nashville series, if you have a game 7, he would rather play at home. i think that was a big help. we don't have home ice advantage in this series but with the split we do now. we have to take advantage of that. >> the sharks have never made it to the stanley cup finals. that would be a great thing to see. it was another beautiful day. a warm day. let's go to bill martin.
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are things cooling down? >> they cooled little bit today. inland it was still hot. on the coast it was maybe one or 2 degrees cooler. the real cooling happen tomorrow. as we head into friday temperatures begin to plummet. i want to show you this graph. you can see the warm-up through monday and tuesday, and to today , and then look what happens. temperatures fall. definitely cooler as we go into the bay area thursday. there is fog trying to make its way up the coast. you can see down here just south of monterey bay. this will fill in tonight. as you know with an onshore flow the fog whisks its way inland. temperatures will fall as the wind becomes more westerly. the heat is still there. concorde 91. 89 livermore.
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the temperatures today, are they cooler than yesterday? napa is 15 degrees cooler today than yesterday. that is a big jump. 11 degrees cooler in santa rosa. there is your cooling. but there is still he. look over there by livermore. they broke even. tomorrow you'll notice coolers -- cooler temperatures. as we go into the weekend, a chance as we head into saturday, maybe a sprinkle. not enough to change your plans. be ready for the chance of a light widely scattered sprinkle. these are the forecast highs for tomorrow. mid-70s. 75 in fairfield. and iced day. -- a nice day. not record he, just one. 75 in -- forecast heading into friday, and evening chance of a
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spangle. maybe some on saturday. don't change your plans. we're going to notice the high numbers will be in the mid-60s. so barbecuing or baseball games saturday night you will wear a jacket. it's doable, just chilly. here's the 5 day forecast. the weekend will be a little cooler. i would love to get some rain out of this but i think most of it will be slated for the northern part of the state. still to come, students should upper school many of them wearing red. remembering high school student who did during football conditioning. new at 6 warning for linkedin users. millions of accounts being advertised for sale.
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the controversial new plan by the white house that makes more americans eligible for overtime pay.
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students, parents and teachers are grieving tonight after a 15-year-old boy collapsed and died during a preseason football practice last night. we spoke with the students teammates about what can be done to make high school sports safer. >> reporter: as students arrived
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today many were wearing red. it was the favorite color of giovani pulido. >> hold on. we lost someone who is important. >> reporter: giovani pulido was 15 years old. he did during a preseason football practice tuesday just before 6 pm. teammates said they had just done some running. >> we were doing drills and he fell on the ground. it was all of a sudden. it was like he tripped he couldn't get back up. >> reporter: the school is called in grief counselors. >> we were talking last night, it made us wonder, it could be us. this could've been me or one of my other teammates. >> reporter: the corner says
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his cause of death is still unknown. under federation guidelines student-athletes must pass a medical exam before being allowed to play. but are those guidelines enough? doctors say on average 3-5 athletes die unexpectedly each year. >> we go into the business of education because we love children. this is the worst news we can get. >> reporter: this sports medicine doctor says there are extra tests that can pickup underlying heart problems. >> with did -- kids coming in getting an echo carty exam there is stuff that can be done. >> reporter: his family met with school officials and a small community grieving. >> he was a nice person. great person to hang out with. he was never negative. >> reporter: in alameda. still to come, a reward
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offered to find a missing 2- year-old was not been seen since february. >> 1st and foremost in everyone's minds, we need to find this girl. why police tell us they are frustrated with 3 people who they call persons of interest. also donald trump takes aim at oakland. hear the mayor's feisty response. after the candidate calls her city one of the most dangerous places in the world. (music plays from one way or another )♪♪ ♪ i'm gonna find y♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna win ya ♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna see ya ♪
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best buy has announced its offering reward money leading to the capture of the person who killed a woman from san francisco and for the safe return of that woman's missing 2-year-old daughter. nicole used to work at a best buy superstore until she was murdered in early april. we've been following this case for weeks. yesterday there were 3 persons of interest and today by police are so frustrated with those 3. >> in the minds of everyone in the bay area, we need to find this little girl. >> reporter: san francisco police chief is talking about this 2-year-old who hasn't been seen since february. >> i think she is still in the bay area and i think she's alive. >> reporter: her mother nicole was found buried in a shallow grave on april 8. today police and the fbi announced nicole's employer is offering a $10,000
5:33 pm
reward. >> we hope that by offering a reward you can bring those responsible to justice and begin the healing. >> reporter: nicole's sister think best buy for stepping up. >> we really appreciate. -- it. and also for the love and support. and it's a testament to who nikki is. >> you can feel the whole created by this. every email you send out, everything you do, you expect to have the cold air. >> reporter: lease sources tell us the 32-year-old mother left her daughter in the care of 3 people. her one-time pastor's knees. her sister, and her husband devon. >> were they last seen in your apartment? >> reporter: none of them are cooperating with the investigation. >> you have a missing 2-year- old girl, you look at her
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picture and she is an innocent girl. she doesn't deserve whatever has happened to her. >> our hearts are breaking. >> reporter: police believe her disappearance is connected to the mother's murder. they are frustrated the people who last saw the girl are no longer talking. investigators say they are putting their own reward money together in the near future to the tune of $250,000. the presumptive republican nominee donald trump told the new york times oakland was one of the most dangerous times in the world. during an interview he was asked what the most dangerous place he would ever been he said brooklyn going on to say "there are places in america that are among the most dangerous in the world. you go to places like oakland, or ferguson. the crime numbers are worse. seriously. we did fact checking and we found world publishes
5:35 pm
the 50 most dangerous cities in the world. at the top is in venezuela. 120 per 1000 residents. st. louis was ranked number 15 with a homicide rate of -- baltimore was next in 19th place. detroit was number 28 in new orleans was in 30 second. oakland wasn't on the list and today mayor libby schaaf replayed -- replied to try. let me be clear. the most dangerous place in america is donald trump's mouth. the article was released today in the new york times magazine. a new development involving allegations of misconduct by oakland police officers. to the 4 officers have now resigned. last friday the department broadened the case from 3-4 officers. today 2 of the officers have quit. the case involves possible
5:36 pm
sexual relations between off- duty officers and the daughter of a police dispatcher who may have been under age. police spokeswoman says they can't release any names or details yet. she says they will share as much information as they can as investigation moves forward. >> the investigation is active. it's aggressive. it's going to continue and were going to look at any direction this investigation takes us. >> the department is also reviewing the suicides of officer brendan o'brien and his wife. no word from the police chief or mayor libby schaaf on whether 2 cases are related. a man who's been reported missing has been found dead in sonoma county. they're treating this case is a homicide. henry lee is there with more. henry? >> reporter: the 27-year-old
5:37 pm
keith green was seen at the millbrae house in his family had hoped for a safe return but has become a murder investigation. keith green, a father of 2 daughters was last same scene at a pancake house. it was across the street from his home where he left his wallet and other belongings. the next day hiker found his cell phone near the golden gate rose garden. today investigators confirmed his body was found 90 miles to the north. an autopsy confirmed the body was that of green. the san mateo sheriff's office said he was killed but did not say how. >> that information wasn't anything any of us want to do here. right now this case is being investigated as a homicide. unfortunately because it is a homicide, there isn't any information i can release on
5:38 pm
that. right now our focus is to find out what happened to keith and it is our job to do the best job for him and his family. a investigators say they have not identified any suspects. a memorial of flowers and candles outside his apartment building. a statement from his family says he will remember this forever live on in our memory as a father-son and your friend. >> >> reporter: the offices are jointly getting this case. >> did investigators say where the body was found? >> reporter: it was found, they were looking for a homeless encampment when they came across his body on a dirt road down an embankment. it was a tragic case all the way around. >> reporter: it's almost like google's answer to siri. google showed off its version that they call @ la.
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racing for good cause. who our own scott was racing for and how he did.
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before earning enough cash back from bank of america to buy a new gym bag. before earning 1% cash back everywhere, every time and 2% back at the grocery store. even before he got 3% back on gas. kenny used his bankamericard cash rewards credit card to join the wednesday night league. because he loves to play hoops. not jump through them. that's the excitement of rewarding connections. apply online or at a bank of america near you.
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google is showing off a new app that makes text messaging phone calls smarter and more spontaneous. allo is an app that learns how
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you like to respond and suggest replies. you can also ask questions like it would with siri. it lets you share search results. it has a video chat platrm that shows a preview of the caller while the phone is ringing. allo will work both on ios and android. is expected this summer. presidential candidates are being warned about an increased threat against their computer networks. the experts say neither donald trump more hillary clinton have secure systems to defend against hackers looking for sensitive information. >> because of our heavy dependence on the internet, nearly all ip networks and systems will be perpetually at risk. these weaknesses provide cyber threat actors an array of opportunities for activity. >> this follows the release of a document claiming foreign
5:43 pm
intelligence services have been tracking presidential candidate since 2008. the nation's largest used- car dealer that even bigger. approximately 50 new jobs also. they celebrated with the charity road rally. our own scott reiss was racing for the children's hospital. he takes through the competition. >> reporter: this was no ordinary grand opening. it wasn't ultimate test of skill and athleticism. it got ugly. but i will get to that. the 1st challenge, parallel parking. closest to the curb winds. break in agony were disqualified. it seems like up solid job. >> 15 inches. which makes scott reiss the winner. >> i went to drivers school way back in the day and i thought
5:44 pm
you back in. >> reporter: the next up was the true sport of packing. >> go. >> i got it. >> drumroll please, 9. which makes scott the winner of round tonight. >> reporter: i felt a good about things heading into the lightning round. guess the make, model, year in color of a car. i was good, good enough. >> in light of creative scoring we're going to a tiebreaker. >> reporter: remember when i said this would get ugly? >> hands up. >> i want to be a chicken i want to be a duck. >> reporter: but in the end destiny prevail.
5:45 pm
>> definitely something i can tie grandkids. i saw a man do a chicken dance and he worked for a news company. >> reporter: the 1st thing you learn is don't be the story. i violated both that and the chicken dance. you can't put a price on dignity but you can when it comes to charity. that is 2000 -- $2000 for the children's hospital. >> he had that chicken dance down. coming up, a rise in crime in las vegas is being blamed on california. why the las vegas sheriff's is pointing west. temperatures drop off. 10 or 15 degrees. how much cooler will get? i will let you know.
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(music plays from one way or another )♪♪ ♪ i'm gonna find y♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna win ya ♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna see ya ♪ (inhales cigarette)
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police in san jose are investigating body found in a pond. police responded to a van submerged in upon. the neighbor spotted the vehicle and the body was floating nearby. investigators say it appears the van crashed into a fence and went into the pond. firefighters broke the window trying to see if there were more victims. the santa clara county sheriff's dive team searched the water but it appears there
5:49 pm
were no other people. lease spend the morning interviewing neighbors. >> we did make contact with the neighbors in the area. it was not something that occurred this's morning when it was reported. it happened earlier. >> that is because neighbors reported hearing noises earlier in the morning. police investigated it as a traffic accident. it was not reported stolen and was registered to someone in san jose. it's unknown if the man was under the influence suffered from a medical condition while driving. one person is reported dead and others injured after 2 powerful earthquakes rocked ecuador. the 1st was 6.7 and sent people into the streets early. framed residents moved their beds outside afraid to sleep in their homes. the 2nd hit midday with a magnitude of 6.8. there were no tsunami alerts. today's quakes may have been after shops -- aftershocks of
5:50 pm
last month quake. it's a sure sign of spring. the well-known road through yosemite is opening for the season. the park superintendent said the road opened this afternoon. they started clearing snow from the road a couple of weeks ago and still worn it could be closed during storms. this is the road that takes people east and west over the sierra nevada mountains. he closes in the winter because of severe conditions. all of the campgrounds and businesses are still closed because there is still snow. the wet winter season has prompted officials to allow water districts in many areas to set their own water goals. they called for a 20% savings. the districts will set their own goals based on supply and demand. east bay mud has already eliminated the conservation effort. california has saved a years worth of water since save lives
5:51 pm
conservation started. >> let's bring in our meteorologist. we're still in a drought. we still need to conserve regardless. >> i was doing some radio and that was my big point. we can't go, the water is fine. they do a job, they sell water. there will always be a problem with water in this state. need to conserve. we change the way we view water. it doesn't matter how much rain we get. we will go back into the period of drought. that is the history of this state. if you have been here a couple of generations, my kids are 6 generation california's. water has always been an issue. it always will be. it is crazy when i like we have plenty. we do not. there are times in the future were we will have 10 and 15 year drought.
5:52 pm
enough of that. it's not that hard to do. australia that down to 55 gallons per person. they've gotten it down to that. here's what we have. ocean beach 67. walnut creek 94. that was the spread from coast to inland. the fog working its way up the coast. that is an indication things are cooling-off. temperatures in santa rosa 10 and 15 degrees cooler than yesterday. about the same in livermore. look at the wind shift. it's changed in the last hour. the winds are more westerly. northwesterly. the northerly wind was not doing it, but this will. here are the current apertures. 89 in fairfield. the cooling breeze is not getting that far inland. 75 and napa.
5:53 pm
11 degrees cooler in santa rosa than yesterday. 15 degrees cooler in napa. the same in livermore as yesterday. this high pressure center weakens a little, that is what temperatures start to cool. as we push into the bay area the weekend cooling trend continues. this week we may see a few sprinkles but the real impact will be cooling. more cooling tomorrow. and further cooling as we head towards we can. it doesn't get cold but it's just not we have been seeing. here is the 5 day forecast. a chance of sprinkles and friday night into saturday. maybe showers saturday afternoon. coming up, stay tuned for the search for a missing hiker. controversial new plan by
5:54 pm
the white house that makes more americans eligible for overtime pay. white critics what a business killer. and supporters say it's only fair. >> it's all about being fair. it's amazing when you are fair to people what they can do. hey i think the internet just went down. huh, why don't you give it a sec, it'll come back. something just happened in the world and we have no idea what it was.
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get high speed internet from at&t with 99.9% reliability for just $30 a month. keep calm, your internet's on.
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california's early inmate
5:57 pm
release program is being blamed for a rise in crime in las vegas. las vegas sheriff says he believes inmates are crossing the border into las vegas. this year alone there have been 70 killings across the city. the sheriff also blames a lack of police officers in las vegas for a rise in crime. he admits he needs to hire more officers in order to keep the community safe. >> individuals we are able to identify and also the victims of those crimes we are seeing a significant increase in individuals that have gained affiliation -- gang affiliation directly related to california. >> but los angeles officials disagree. they notice the program is closely monitored and there is no direct correlation between a rise in crime and the parolees who are like overly. the search for missing hiker in placer county is growing. today the california national guard brought helicopters to look for him by air.
5:58 pm
he was expected home on monday but never showed up. crews are now focusing the search along the trail and helicopters have equipment on board that detect heat. they plan a more extensive search tomorrow. >> they are doing an outstanding job. it provides me comfort that my son has this level of professionalism looking for him. i have a lot of confidence. >> cody's dad shared this video that shows his son. he said that during his camping trip. you can hear cody talking about how his feet were wet and cold. his dog was also sitting in the snow. california is on board for a political revolution. thank you. >> bernie sanders brings his message back to the bay area. the senator from vermont making several stops from the south
5:59 pm
bay to san francisco. now he is in solano county in vallejo. >> right now he's on his way to vallejo where in about 90 minutes is expected to address thousands of supporters. jana katsuyama is live there now. how is the turnout? >> reporter: there are still a lot of people coming. it's opened at 4. this is the area closest to the stage. if you look back, there are some white tents where they have set up a security screening area. it's like going through the tsa at the airport. they have people opening bags, going through metal detectors. the city says this park has a limit of 20,000 people. to have the coast guard and police and sheriff's department, swat teams and k9 units and secret service. you can see the crowd is
6:00 pm
relaxed. we have hardly seen any protest or people being outspoken or rowdy. it's a calm crowd. take a look at some video from earlier today. volunteers showed us selling buttons and other camping gear. other volunteers were helping people to register to vote. one person told me he registered 15 people in a couple of hours. they are hoping for a big win in california's democratic primary because it is an open pat -- open primary. independence can also vote. that is a democratic where bernie sanders has been doing well. you can see there are a lot of people waiting. some people have been waiting for a long time. we talked with a few of the supporters as well as someone from the city and here's what they have to say. >>